McCabe Family Archive Research Visit

This week, the gallery team met up at the McCabe Family Archive to assess the scope of the collection and work with Dave McCabe to select the artifacts for the upcoming exhibition Hometown Heroes: Lost and Found in Translation, which opens 6-9pm on Fri 29 Sep 2017 as part of Walk on Woodburn in East Walnut Hills. This was a daunting task, but we’re always up for a challenge!


We dug through the rubble until we found the extensive collection of family photographs.


For a bit of history, here’s Dave McCabe sharing a bit of his story, “When I was a kid, I was the spokesperson for Hudepohl beer. From my earnings, my dad-slash-talent-manager and I scoured auctions and traveled to Hollywood to collect celebrity photos.


Dave continues, “For this exhibit, I sifted through those old photos, locking myself in my house with nothing to eat for days other than Skyline chili and the last of the beer Hudy had used to buy out my contract.


One surprising find in the boxes was a family photo that showed that my need to ‘enhance’ images was clearly inherited.


I kept detailed notes on my findings though, now that I look back on them, I can see that my weeks of solitude may have caused some short term psychological disturbances.


“Now my work honoring Cincy’s hometown heroes is almost complete and I hope the results will prove to be worth it.” If you’re in the Cincinnati area, we hope you’ll stop by on Fri 29 Sep 2017, 6-9pm, for the opening of Hometown Heroes at Ledge Gallery at 2803 Woodburn Ave. This opening reception will take place during Walk on Woodburn, a neighborhood-wide celebration of East Walnut Hills.

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