Welcome Home Exhibition Opening


Our eleventh exhibition, Welcome Home: A Tinytown Tableau, opened on Fri 21 Apr 2017 during Walk on Woodburn, and featured a selection of artifacts from the Tinytown archive, expertly chosen and curated by resident archivist Kate Dignan.


As Gaston Bachelard writes in his classic tome, The Poetics of Space, “A house that has been experienced is not an inert box. The house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace. […] Therefore, the places in which we have experienced daydreaming reconstitute themselves in a new daydream, and it is because our memories of former dwelling-places are relived as daydreams that these dwelling-places of the past remain in us for all time.”


In the words of Bill Bryson, author of At Home: A Short History of Private Life, “It is always quietly thrilling to find yourself looking at a world you know well but have never seen from such an angle before.” And, Tinytown’s own archivist, Kate Dignan claims, “Hahah, it’s definitely a fun regression to childhood for me.”


Visitors to and former residents of Tinytown surely recognized the unmistakable vestiges of the past, including this view of Liberty St. in Over-the-Rhine and its iconic purveyor of artisanal gasoline and tobacco products, flanked by photographs documenting the celebratory times that were had by all:


As always, scale-appropriate snacks were enjoyed by Ledge Gallery patrons:


Some patrons seemed visibly upset at suddenly having to confront their memories of life in Tinytown:


Others made savvy use of the complimentary miniature magnifying glasses:


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