Tinytown Archive Research Visit

Inside this grand Modern home in Cheviot is the archive of Tinytown furnishings and artifacts. This week the Ledge Gallery team met with Ms. Kate Dignan, resident archivist, to assess the scope of the collection and pick pieces for Welcome Home, our next exhibition, opening Fri 21 Apr 2017.


Initially, the collection was in utter disarray. Ms. Dignan admitted to feeling overwhelmed and tearfully explained her need for an intern:


After hours of hard work and heavy hauling, the group started to be able to make sense of the chaos, finding gems such as this lovely Victorian pram that no current and recent resident of Tinytown even remembered having seen in the town square:


Hot dog! Many hidden treasures were discovered in the archive:


The group was even able to quickly organize a team-building potluck:


Ahh, Tinytown’s once-infamous shell collection was finally located! A temp was also brought in to help Ms. Dignan with her workload.


Now you know what’s behind this imposing facade:


If you’re in the Cincinnati area, we hope you’ll stop by on Fri 21 Apr 2017, 6-9pm, for the opening of Welcome Home at Ledge Gallery at 2803 Woodburn Ave. This opening reception will take place during Walk on Woodburn, a neighborhood-wide celebration of East Walnut Hills.