Lightly Salted Exhibition Opening


Lightly Salted: A Cincinnati-Inspired Amuse-Bouche, our tenth exhibition, opened on 10 Mar 2017 during Walk on Woodburn and featured brand-new work by Team B Architecture & Design, an architecture firm based in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. The show was the result of a rigorous typological study of structural flaws found in oyster crackers.

For the opening reception, our staff borrowed some visually appropriate objects from our friend and neighbor, Your Friends & Neighbors:


A tiny champagne toast!


Team B‘s presentation was tightly gridded and methodical, appropriate given the academic nature of their research:


The researchers identified and named different oyster crackers types (this is the Fish Bomb), and developed 3D models exaggerating various flaws:


The models were then 3D printed in white nylon; this is the Möbius Strip:


Soft & Melting:


Twist & Pull:


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