Lightly Salted Exhibition Opening


Lightly Salted: A Cincinnati-Inspired Amuse-Bouche, our tenth exhibition, opened on 10 Mar 2017 during Walk on Woodburn and featured brand-new work by Team B Architecture & Design, an architecture firm based in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. The show was the result of a rigorous typological study of structural flaws found in oyster crackers.

For the opening reception, our staff borrowed some visually appropriate objects from our friend and neighbor, Your Friends & Neighbors:


A tiny champagne toast!


Team B‘s presentation was tightly gridded and methodical, appropriate given the academic nature of their research:


The researchers identified and named different oyster crackers types (this is the Fish Bomb), and developed 3D models exaggerating various flaws:


The models were then 3D printed in white nylon; this is the Möbius Strip:


Soft & Melting:


Twist & Pull:


A Visit with Team B and a Tour of the Westminster Cracker Co.

This week Ledge Gallery staff met with the co-founders of Team B Architecture & Design in the charming town of Rutland, VT, home to the Westminster Cracker Co. headquarters, in preparation for our next exhibition, Lightly Salted. We took an educational tour of the facilities and learned all about oyster cracker production, followed by a delicious lunch in the facility’s cafeteria. A delightful time was had by all!


We all returned to Cincinnati and reconvened in the architects’ Over-the-Rhine office, where the in-house butler brought out samples of both the original and newly tweaked oyster cracker recipes. As a side note, the Lightly Salted exhibition has been in the works for over six months and, with Skyline Chili requesting the recipe change (more on that here), now is the perfect time for an academic examination of this Cincinnati-inspired amuse-bouche.


After the requisite taste comparison, Team B got to work:


Check out a short video clip of one of the co-founders at work, and here’s a sample of the team’s preliminary findings:


If you can’t make it out to Rutland, VT to visit the Westminster Cracker Co. in person, watch this virtual tour of the factory. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, we hope you’ll stop by 2803 Woodburn Ave. on Fri 10 Mar 2017, 6-9pm, for the opening of Team B‘s Lightly Salted. This opening reception will take place during Walk on Woodburn, a neighborhood-wide celebration of East Walnut Hills that include 3 exhibition openings at neighboring Manifest Gallery, plus a lot more!