A Tweetdeck Evening with 5chw4r7z

Last weekend, the Ledge Gallery staff had the pleasure of spending a raucous evening on the infamous Tweetdeck with Bob 5chw4r7z, discussing and preparing for the upcoming exhibition Cigars, Whisky & Nasty Women: The Three Vices of Bob 5chw4r7z. We enjoyed our host’s cigars and whiskey as well as the company of the #1 woman in Bob’s life, his charming wife Erin Marie.


Work in progress:


Tweetdeck sunsets never disappoint:


A portrait of the artist in his element:


The evening would not have been complete without an appearance by the one and only Sid:


If you’re in the Cincinnati area, we hope you’ll stop by 2803 Woodburn Ave. on Fri 27 Jan 2017, 6-9pm, for the opening of Cigars, Whisky & Nasty Women: The Three Vices of Bob 5chw4r7z. This opening reception will take place during Walk on Woodburn, a neighborhood-wide celebration of East Walnut Hills.


Sockalypse Now Exhibition Opening

Our eighth exhibition, Sockalypse Now: The Never-Ending End Times Revival, opened on Fri 16 Dec 2016, and featured mixed media sculptures by Kira Geer. Coinciding with Walk on Woodburn, the big neighborhood celebration in East Walnut Hills, the night was electric, filled with positive energy and holiday cheer. Ms. Geer even brought a Christmas tree for guests to enjoy.


Ms. Geer’s plushies held court with their musical instruments, miniature drinks and full-sized beverage cans acting as props.


Things got a bit raucous as the evening continued, until the bongo player fell asleep in the middle of the impromptu concert.


Here at the Ledge Gallery, we are always upping the ante, this time with the smallest Big Gulp you’ll surely ever see.