Band Practice with the Sockalypse

Last night, we had the distinct pleasure of tagging along to band practice with the Sockalypse, as they prepare for Sockalypse Now: The Never-Ending End Times Revival. While their klezmer-influenced cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” still seemed a bit rough around the edges, we’re confident that the band will be on point by next Friday, and we hope you’ll stop by the gallery during Walk on Woodburn in East Walnut Hills.


For a bit of historical context, the Sockalypse began in 2012 in anticipation of the end of the Mayan calendar. Brought to life by the power of static electricity and stitchcraft, a vicious band of sock squirrels attacked their complacent counterparts, a calm and kind-hearted rabbit colony. The gruesome massacre destroyed the rabbits as well as the oak tree, their beloved habitat. The voodoo and biological warfare involved resulted in the creation of the Frankentree, leading to the zombunnies’ uprising and revenge on the entire sock drawer.

Years later, a band was formed to memorialize these tragic events. The bunny duo debuted at the Shrewdness of Apes. Unfortunately, the pair was mismatched and broke up due to artistic differences. However woeful this tale may seem, if we have learned anything from the zombunnies, it is that good things never die. The end of times never came, and the Sockalypse tribute band evolved and resurrected the sounds of mayhem and destruction.