Visit to Julie Hill’s Hilltop Laboratory of Curiosities

Yesterday, the Ledge Gallery team visited Julie Hill in her hilltop Laboratory of Curiosities. Ms. Hill is a noted ladyfriend, talented miniaturist and accomplished baker with a love of portraiture, and Métamorphoses, her upcoming exhibition and the first in our sister gallery, L’Edge, will at last bring these passions together. We greatly enjoyed her hospitality as well as her cat, and got a sneak peek into her intricate process.



Life’s a Pitch Exhibition Opening

Our fifth exhibition, Life’s a Pitch: The Semiotics of Baseball Card Iconography, opened on Final Friday, 30 Sep 2016 and featured baseball card oddities and curiosities from the personal collection of Zan McQuade, aided by her diligently researched curatorial statement and artifact didactics.


Chris Glass surprised everyone with a custom Topps baseball card about Ms. McQuade.


The usual assortment of tiny magnifying glasses, tiny name tags and tiny food included the addition of tiny boxes of Cracker Jacks which, as we hopefully all fondly remember, still come with tiny prizes.


Ledge Gallery’s Director of Security ran a tight ship and made sure to keep out the riff raff.


The reception included a show-and-tell element with more examples from Ms. McQuade’s archive shared and discussed by guests.