Lilliputian Landscapes Exhibition Opening

Our third exhibition, Lilliputian Landscapes, opened on Final Friday, 29 Jul 2016, and represented the first time our staff worked with a contemporary artist on developing a brand-new body of work to debut in the space. Phil Armstrong delivered as promised, offering up a scale-appropriate investigation of diminutive Cincinnati buildings.


Our staff cartographer developed an original map of each location, which was used for each didactic.


The Tinytown Appreciation Society is working in conjunction with PhotoCorps on an upcoming photowalk of all the sites illustrated in this exhibition. The gallery, open by appointment only, will welcome all walk participants. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to find out the details!


Reception attendees included the charmingly tiny Clifty.


Normal-sized attendees got completely out of hand, necessitating the hire of a security detail for subsequent receptions.


Jesse Fox photographed the exhibition for an upcoming CityBeat story. Look for it on 10 Aug 2016!


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